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"Modeling the Kingdom of God"

"God has a word for your life
and is beyond the walls of a building…that is beyond the confines of denomination…that is beyond the limits of your past experiences.

Sharing Faith Ministries
is the Prophetic Ministry of Dr. GreeneBarr whereby she proclaims God's word, using a variety of avenues to all who have ears to hear."

-Rev. Dr. Cecelia E. GreeneBarr
Sharing Faith Ministries is a certified 501C3 religious organization. Financial gifts beyond the fair market value of products received are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.
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About Us

To our first time visitors, this website is used as a means of communication, information and inspiration for each guest. It is our prayer that something within the following pages will capture your attention and inspire you to strive for maturity in your relationship with Jesus Christ.


If while reading the contents of this website, you begin to realize that your relationship with Jesus Christ is not a pronounced part of your life, or that you recognize the absence of Christ as your personal savior, we invite you to make a commitment to God through Jesus Christ. Right here, right now. Begin with a moment of silent reflection and then open your heart to God in prayer. With sincerity ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you of those sins which have come into your mind. Express to Jesus your willingness and desire for Him to live as Savior and Lord over your life. Express to Jesus your determination to yield to the Holy Spirit and live according to Godly principles. Then receive the Lord's salvation, forgiveness and Holy Spirit into your heart.


If you have prayed this prayer please share with us via email. We are always excited to hear how God is touching and transforming lives.

As you enter the pages of this website I earnestly hope you experience the passion of my calling from God. Perhaps you understand what it means to have a passion. If so then surely you can identify with my excitement as I open mine for the world to see. I am a woman on a mission! Below you can read about the mission.


You may wonder why I've named this ministry Sharing Faith. God has promised that as I share with (mentor) others, their faith will grow and so too will the scope of this ministry. Maybe you are already a witness to this promise. Has my teaching, preaching, conversations of care, or ministry of presence been a source of enlightenment or encouragement in your life? If one encounter has been a blessing, just imagine what an ongoing mentoring connection could do in your journey towards spiritual maturity! We should probably talk about this more. Why not send me an email orwrite.

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